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Mike Bara Tickets

2:00PM Saturday June 15th, 2019


Mike Bara Live! - 50 Years Of Apollo: The Truth Behind The Moon Missions

4:00PM Saturday June 15th, 2019


Mike Bara Live! - The Bermuda Triangle: Myth or Mystery

Local Business Raffle!


Green Jasper Skull - From Rocks and Things

$5 a raffle ticket - click on skull to purchase!!

Brazilian Carved Green Jasper Skull

This excellent workmanship Brazilian Green Jasper Skull weighs 10.11lbs is 8" long 4.5" wide and 6' tall. Valued at over $1000 dollars!

Green jasper heals and releases disease and obsession. It balances out the parts of your life that have become over important to you. Green jasper stimulates the heart chakra. The green colour is caused by the presence of iron silicate compounds such as chlorite. 


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Dark Sky Observatory Tickets

Tickets available June 14th & 15th at Central Park, Locust Street in Spruce Pine, NC

Tickets only available day of event due to weather restrictions.